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Highlights of Trailer Tracking

Trailer Management

Trailer tracking software offers two different ways to utilize trailers. Firstly, with Trailer Allocation, strategically assign trailers based on availability, capacity, and operational requirements to optimize resource utilization. This approach significantly aims to minimize idle time, reduce empty miles, and effectively deploy trailers. Secondly, Trailer Grouping allows you to categorize trailers based on criteria such as cargo type, size, or region to improve operational efficiency. By chiefly monitoring the status and performance of trailer groups, you can effectively track utilization, maintenance schedules, and other specific metrics.

Realtime Trailer Tracking

With trailer tracking software, instantly gain visibility into the exact location of trailers, whether locally or across multiple geographic regions. This real-time tracking significantly enhances overall operational awareness. Moreover, effectively track trailers as they traverse planned routes, ensuring adherence to schedules and itineraries for streamlined logistics management. Furthermore, facilitate easy monitoring of progress, estimation of arrival times, and proactive management of potential delays. This approach certainly enables prompt issue resolution and maintains a smooth workflow. Additionally, utilize advanced technologies like GPS, RFID, Becon, or iButton to map trailer movements and integrate them into a centralized system. Finally, visualize trailer locations on digital maps for easy monitoring and enhanced decision-making.

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Battery Health Alerts

Notifications are generated when the battery voltage of a trailer drops below a certain threshold. This significantly helps identify potential issues with the trailer’s electrical system and enables timely maintenance or replacement.

Trailer Disconnect Alerts

Alerts are sent when a trailer becomes disconnected from the towing vehicle. This feature in trailer tracking significantly helps prevent accidents, locate lost trailers. Furthermore, it ensures proper coupling between the trailer and the towing vehicle.

Trailer Activity Report

It evidently provides information on trips made, including start/end times, distance traveled, and routes taken. The report also highlights stops, idle time, and exceptional events such as unauthorized use or trailer disconnects.

Trailer Air Pressure Alerts

These alerts in trailer tracking evidently notify fleet managers or drivers when there is a significant drop in air pressure within the trailer’s tires.

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Questions to ask before you invest

Obviously, fleet trailer tracking works by fitting GPS devices in your trailers. These devices certainly help keep a constant eye on where your trailers are and what condition they’re in, all in real time.

Yes, indeed! Geofencing is a fantastic tool we provide to boost the security of your fleet trailers within our trailer monitoring software

Surely, you have the freedom to tailor the alerts for your trailers within our trailer tracking software. Additionally, this means you can create personalized notifications for maintenance, temperature, and changes in location as you see fit.

Our trailer tracking software can cater to a wide range of industries, including transportation, logistics, waste management, agriculture, and more.