Tracking services for Forestry and Wildlife

Our forest covers and wildlife are at risk of over-exploitation and endangerment. wavestechx’s solutions protect plants and animals from being hunted or cut down. They also prevent the theft of high-value commercially cultivated trees.


Tools that help you excel


With real-time alerts, geofences, POIs, and our live tracking screen, you will experience

business transparency like never before!

Troubleshoot Issues

Timely alerts help you fix problems instantly.


Get notified upon the entry of unauthorized persons.

Instant Help

Equip employees with SOS modules and send help at once.

Get Useful Insights

Analytical reports help in monitoring key performance indicators.


Here’s why we stand out from the rest


Get notifications for collar tracker tampering, unauthorized personnel entry, or when an animal exits a geo-fenced area. These timely alerts protect wildlife from getting hunted or poached. It also helps in taking precautionary measures, like dispatching an animal rescue team, when an animal escapes.


Geofences can help you differentiate between cultivated fields. You can set each crop field up with a uniquely colored geofence. This is useful in tracking crop yields and crop rotation. It can also help you track activities performed on these crop fields—if they have been harvested, undergone pest control, or if they are ready for plowing.

Reports and Analytics

Useful reports give you insights into animal movement and their resting hours. These reports are also useful in keeping track of plat growth, yields, operational expenses, and more!

Safety Module

Using SOS modules, animal keepers can request immediate assistance. For instance, if an animal is wounded, a caretaker can request medical help and get the animal treated before it’s too late. This functionality is also useful to locate a lost caretaker.


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Tracking wildlife with wavestechx’s GPS solutions

Tracking commercial and valuable trees

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