Fleet management for Hire and Rental Industry

Our software solutions show how customers are using rental vehicles. They give you the bird’s-eye view of all your assets and empower you to take timely actions. Protect your mobile investments with wavestechx!

Tools that help you excel


Practice proactive maintenance, automated invoices, flexible tariffs, and more to drive

your rental business forward.

Regular Maintenance

Manage on-site operations from your desk! Use our live-tracking screen and video telematics to track progress.

Accurate Billing

Monitor rental violations and apply additional charges accordingly.

Timely Alerts

Notifications for collisions or equipment damage. Take corrective measures & protect your fleets.

Useful Analytics

Get accurate numbers and statistics of fuel usage, vehicle mileage, and equipment work hours.


Here’s why we stand out from the rest

Geofences and POIs

They help you stay on top of company expenditures. Keep track of your employee’s expenses and facilitate easy reimbursement. By checking on fuel or a business trip’s expenses—you can avoid financial discord. Upload receipts or invoices for ultimate transparency.

Automated Invoice Generation

Calculate accurate invoices! Get notifications when a renter exceeds rental times, and bill them for additional usage. You can build flexible tariff plans from the ground up, to serve your clientele better—using our platform. Simplify billing and payment processes and drive your business forward.

Maintenance Reminders

Maintain your rental fleets, so your customers don’t get stuck with worn-out vehicles. It is tempting to overlook maintenance, especially in this industry. However, with proper maintenance schedules, your fleets will function at their peaks. Smooth-running fleets will increase customer retention and lead to greater scalability.


Set notifications for fleet or equipment misuse and get insights into how your assets are being used. You can penalize your customers for asset damage or manhandling. Violations help you protect your assets while incentivizing your renters to be cautious.


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IFTA for commercial vehicles and motor carriers

Monitoring driving behaviors

Rental fleet management

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