Fleet tracking for Construction and Specialty Trades

Sectors, like construction, need reliable and trustworthy solutions. We help businesses in this field by tracking construction fleets and the workforce over multiple job sites. Locate construction fleets and see them move in real-time—precise to the last minute.

Tools that help you excel


Manage equipment and construction fleets over multiple job sites. Boost productivity by streamlining operations.

Greater Productivity

Track progress across multiple construction sites using advanced video telematics.

Increased Safety

Enhance safety by setting up geofences around dangerous worksites and receiving notifications.

Manage Costs

Analyze ownership and maintenance costs. Find cost-saving alternatives using our detailed reports!

Schedule Tasks

Increase job site productivity with well maintained machinery. Identify overused equipment and get them serviced.


Here’s why we stand out from the rest

Workhour Monitoring

See equipment locations in real-time and track their engine hours across different job sites. Using wavestechxs solutions, you’ll know if certain equipment is not being effectively used at a certain job site and see if it could be useful at another location. Monitoring engine work hours or RPM can help you identity equipment idling and prevent your workforce from wasting fuel resources.

Expense Reports

Break down equipment ownership and operation cost to see when an equipment will start paying for itself. Track fuel expenses, maintenance costs, and rental charges. See how you can bring down avoidable costs and maximize savings. Get a clear picture of your equipment and fleet ownership costs

Maintenance Reminders

Are frequent machine and equipment malfunctions affecting daily operations? Improve equipment performance and life through proactive maintenance regimes. Well-maintained, regularly serviced, machines cost less to operate and are less likely to break down unexpectedly.

SOS Module

Protecting your crew on-site is necessary. Equip them with the SOS module and get notified when a worker or a team is in a dire situation. Send assistance in good time to prevent excessive damages. It’s never too late to prioritize your team’s safety.


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