Employee Management solutions for Field Sales and Services

Are you unsure of your sales representatives’ whereabouts? Do you have difficulty managing time? Losing track of bills and expenses? Wavestechx dynamic and flexible employee management system can help with all the above.

Tools that help you excel


Keep tabs on your sales representatives and out-of-office crew. Collaborate better with
your team for greater transparency.
Administer Remotely

Manage on-site operations from your desk! Use our live-tracking screen and video telematics to track progress.

Simplify Processes

Our solutions supplement on-premise CRM/ERPs. You can upload all your essential data using excel or CSV files.

Manage Costs

We help managers keep track of expenses and simplify reimbursements for the employees.

Schedule Tasks

Automate task allocation based on priority, deadlines, and employee availability.


Here’s why we stand out from the rest

Expense Reports

They help you stay on top of company expenditures. Keep track of your employee’s expenses and facilitate easy reimbursement. By checking on fuel or a business trip’s expenses—you can avoid financial discord. Upload receipts or invoices for ultimate transparency.

Live-tracking and ETAs

Do you have trouble keeping track of your teams when they work remotely? Track employees in real-time and collaborate better. Getting your crews on the job sites in good time is essential for customer satisfaction. Never make your customers wait! Share live ETAs and notify them ahead of time in case of delays or cancellations.

Job Module

Automate and monitor employee task assignments. The job module keeps you updated with completed tasks and missed tasks. Check up your employees when they’ve missed a designated task and resolve issues preemptively.

Route Optimization

Wouldn’t you like it if your teams were taking the shortest routes while moving from one job site to another? Accessing optimized routes means more on-time visits, lesser fuel costs, and increased productivity! Route optimization allows your crew to complete more tasks on time than before —by eliminating transit times.


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