Fleet and equipment tracking for the Energy industry

Determine the safety of high-value resources like coal, crude petroleum, oil, minerals, and natural gas during their transfer. Keep track of fleet or equipment even when they are beyond coverage areas! Streamline operations for better ROIs. Stay on extraction schedules and eliminate unnecessary equipment or fleet rental charges.

Tools that help you excel


Manage equipment and construction fleets over multiple job sites. Boost productivity by

streamlining operations.

Reduced Thefts

Alerts for route deviation, unauthorized stops, and consignment tampering, and more.

Fewer Repairs

Access actionable maintenance data and save a fortune on equipment repairs.

Enhanced Safety

Get live alerts for site accidents and protect your on-site workers and drivers.

Customizable Features

Our platform is configurable and allows 3rd party API integration.


Here’s why we stand out from the rest

Workhour and RPM reports

Work hour or RPM reports help you understand how much work gets by done your workforce as well as your machinery. It gives you insights into equipment utilization and can help you optimize your assets for higher scalability. These analytics help you gain leading-edge business acumen.


We offer e-lock integration for the uncompromising safety of your valued goods. E-locks help you protect your cargo containers or oil tankers. You’ll get notified in case of e-lock tampering or unauthorized access. Eliminate losses because of theft or pilferage using e-locks!


Get notified when a certain vehicle enters or exits a POI. You can also set alerts for problematic drivers and monitor their driving activities closely. Besides, you can protect your assets, even when they are on the road by setting alerts for unauthorized actions and route deviations.

SOS Module

Working in robust conditions like underground mines or tunnels poses a concern regarding worker safety. Track your workers and equip them with SOS buttons. So, they can request help—even when they are working remotely. Send timely assistance and save lives!


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GPS solutions for oil and gas businesses

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