Fleet safety with tire management system

Invest and empower your clients with
advanced tire management system.

Fleet safety with tire management system

Invest and empower your clients with
advanced tire management system.

Entitle your clients with sustainable tires and increased profits.


Highlights of Tire Monitoring Software

Tire Operations

Maintaining reports on tire operations after the tires have been installed is significantly necessary to know how much each tire costs.

Also, keep a check on various tire-related operations, for example when a tire has been punctured, a tire has been rotated, a tire has been remolded, and so on.

Moreover, you can also use RFID tags to keep track of tire operations. The software gives real-time visibility into tire performance, wear, and also maintenance needs.

Furthermore, your clients can check and track all tire-related costs and also make informed decisions.


Tire Stock Management

Eventually, after fuel expenses, tire costs are the second most significant aspect of fleet management. Since tire inventory is typically recorded on paper or in Excel spreadsheets, fleet managers often lack comprehensive tire stock reports.

By implementing a tire stock management system, you can eliminate the need for paperwork to track tire inventory. Moreover, your clients can easily upload tire stock information via an Excel file and access information about both unused and used tires on a single screen.

Furthermore, you can obtain precise details about the quantity and location of tires in stock, along with their most recent inspection or service dates.

Also, we provide comprehensive reports, such as data on new and used tire stocks, among other valuable information.

Tire Inspection

Tire blowouts are the cause of numerous road accidents. As a result, many countries now have vehicle inspection laws before the trip starts.

Tire inspections are still done on paper. The records of such inspections cannot be properly maintained, which is one of the drawbacks.

Moreover, with our tire management system, a driver can easily inspect the tires through a mobile app and record findings making it easier to address the issues immediately.

You can now Identify potential tire-related issues before they become a major problem. Improve safety and extend the life of the tire.

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Maximize Fleet's Safety with Tire Monitoring Software

Axle Configuration

With graphical representation, we offer you the simplest approach to define axle position, while a drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to define the position of the axle and also to plan tire rotation.

Tire Status Report

Get crucial details about tire condition, performance, & also maintenance history in a fleet. Furthermore, it helps fleet owners track tire health, identify issues, and also optimize maintenance schedules.

Tire Event Summary

Get a concise overview of tire-related activities within a fleet. It includes event types, counts, dates, locations, and descriptions, while helping managers track and analyze tire events for better maintenance and performance.

Tire Installation Report

At first, we are aware that keeping installation records for multiple fleet tires is difficult. As a result, we offer a tire fitment report to assist your clients in determining the date on which each tire was installed. Moreover, get all the tire related information within our tire management software.

Projected Mileage Report

The projected mileage report helps to optimize tire utilization. It can be used to track actual tire mileage against the projected mileage. Moreover, make informed decisions about their tire management strategy.

Tire Inspection Report

Above all we understand how important it is to know and keep a check on the tire’s health, as avoiding that can shoot up your unexpected costs. Additionally, get regular inspection reports and make your tires more sustainable.

Tire Event Summary

Above all, tire event summary helps you to check multiple activities on tires like when the tire was allocated, when the tire position was changed etc.

Model-wise Tire Status

Get a quick view of model-wise tire status on your dashboard. Aditionally, get details of tire status on the vehicle, tires in stock, tires in repairs, and tires scraped.

Tire Inspection Chart

See how thousands of fleet managers are using tire management software to control costs and are making the most of it.

Learn how you can use our fleet reminders and make most of it.

Use Cases

Check out how our tire management system is helping companies in this field increase profits and productivity!



Questions to ask before you invest

Surely, RFID tags can be used to mark the inventory of tires. RFID technology enables the tracking and management of items, also making it possible to quickly and precisely identify the inventory of tires. Additionally, it becomes simpler to monitor the tires’ location, track their usage, and streamline inventory management procedures by attaching RFID tags to them.

Our platform can automate and streamline the inspection process, subsequently allowing for more efficient and accurate monitoring of tire conditions. Moreover, The process includes data collection, Data analysis, reporting, and also maintenance planning.
Surely, our tire management software allows you to efficiently manage your tire inventory without the need for additional costs such as RFID tags. Our system provides comprehensive tools and features that also enables you to monitor and control your tire inventory seamlessly. You can also easily input and track tire data, schedule maintenance, and analyze tire performance without any extra expenses for RFID tags or similar technologies. Moreover, this cost-effective solution simplifies your tire management, making it hassle-free and efficient.
Surely, the expenses of tires can be recorded on fleet management software. This also makes it possible to effectively track and manage costs associated with tires, such as those associated with purchases, installation fees, upkeep, and also replacement costs.
Moreover, you can also track other expenses according to your needs.
Certainly! In fact, our software can be seamlessly tailored to accommodate fleets of all sizes. Moreover, you can use the software as per your requirements.
Our tire management system provides you with all the necessary information related to tires such as tire tread loss, tire fit date, and much more. While using this information you can utilize tires at its best.

Absolutely! Our tire management software provides real-time status updates for your tires. You can monitor the condition and performance of your tires 24/7. This means you’ll always be informed about the health and status of each tire in your fleet. Whether it’s tire pressure, tread wear, or any other vital information, moreover our software keeps you in the know. With this feature, you can proactively address any issues and ensure the optimal performance and safety of your tires, ultimately improving your fleet’s efficiency and reducing unexpected downtime. Surely, our software provides you with a completely customized report on tire status. This report can also be downloaded as an excel sheet and as pdf format.

a hassle-free solution for all tire-related issues. We also help you with a system where we provide the complete charge of fleet tires, from installation to regular tire rotation to thereafter final scrapping! Undoubtedly we provide you with overall solution.

Surely, our platform provides automated maintenance alerts for tires related issues. The system can keep track of information about tires and also send out automated alerts for things like monitoring tire pressure, replacing tires, or tracking and analyzing performance of tires in real time. Moreover, you can customize the alerts according to you needs.

Surely, we provide 24/7 customer support to ensure you get the assistance you need.
Furthermore, we provide you with all the assistance required for your growth.