Temperature Monitoring Software

Transfer your temperature-sensitive cargo at a safe temperature with temperature monitoring software.

Protect and monitor your goods in transit

Alerts for the slightest change 
in temperature.

Remotely control the temperature settings of a particular container or vehicle.


Highlights of Temperature Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring in Transit

By combining temperature and humidity monitoring, businesses can ensure that their temperature-sensitive products are transported under optimal conditions. Additionally, it also minimizes the risk of damage or spoilage. Temperature Monitoring Real-time temperature monitoring enables businesses to quickly respond to temperature deviations. Furthermore, the system generates alerts when the temperature exceeds or falls below a specified range. Moreover, it allows for greater visibility and control over temperature conditions. Humidity Monitoring Humidity is an important factor in many industries, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, etc. Moreover, real-time humidity monitoring allows businesses to quickly detect and respond to changes in humidity levels, reducing the risk of product damage or spoilage.

Insightful Reports

Get evidently detailed record of temperature conditions over time. Temperature Status: Get an overview of the temperature conditions in a specific location during a particular time period. Temperature Summary: Get information such as the temperature range, average temperature, maximum and minimum temperature, and also humidity, etc. Daily Temperature Summary: These reports are useful for businesses that need to monitor temperature conditions on a daily basis, such as in the transportation of perishable goods. Temperature Summary per Trip: Provides an overview of the temperature conditions certainly during a specific trip or transportation of goods.

Warning Alerts

Stay informed about any fluctuations in temperature and take action before product spoilage occurs. Additionally, alerts can be set up to trigger notifications via SMS, email, or web application. Temperature Fluctuation Alerts– These alerts are triggered when the temperature of the monitored environment significantly exceeds or falls below the specified temperature range. Humidity Fluctuation Alerts- These alerts are triggered when there are sudden and significant fluctuations in humidity levels beyond the desired range. Battery Life Alerts- These alerts are triggered when the battery level of the monitoring system is low. Further, it indicates that the system may soon be unable to transmit data.

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Expand Your Knowledge on Temperature Monitoring

Battery Monitoring

In cases where temperature sensors rely on batteries, the software certainly provides battery monitoring capabilities. Moreover, it tracks battery levels and sends notifications when batteries are running low, ensuring uninterrupted temperature monitoring.

Sensor Integration

The software integrates with multiple types of sensors, including BLE sensors, eye sensors, wireless temperature sensors, RFID temperature tags, or any other temperature monitoring devices.

Customizable Threshold

The software provides users with the ability to subsequently customize temperature monitoring settings based on their specific requirements. This can be such as setting temperature thresholds and configuring alerts.

Compliance and Audit Trail

The software assists in compliance with regulatory standards by providing temperature validation records, and documentation required for regulatory audits or certifications.

Mobile Access

Users can access temperature data and receive alerts remotely through web-based interfaces or mobile application. It enables monitoring capabilities from anywhere, using smartphones or tablets.

Mapping and Geolocation

The software can display the temperature data on a map, providing a visual representation of the temperature readings and the location of the vehicle or container.

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Questions to ask before you invest

wavestechx’s GPS tracking software offers multiple ways to monitor temperature. Firstly, through OBD (On-Board Diagnostics), users can track temperature seamlessly. Additionally, external sensors provide another avenue for temperature monitoring on wavestechx’s platform. The variety of monitoring options available depends on the specific hardware and sensors in use.
In Uffizio’s GPS tracking platform, different types of alerts can be generated in real-time regarding temperature such as Temperature threshold alert, temperature deviation alert etc.

Certainly, our platform is hardware agnostic which makes it compatible with any temperature sensor of your choice.

wavestechx provides a range of reports for temperature monitoring. Among these, the temperature summary report offers a comprehensive overview. Furthermore, the temperature status report provides real-time information on current temperatures. Additionally, users can access the temperature daily summary report for a detailed account of daily temperature variations. Lastly, the temperature trip summary report presents a summarized overview of temperature data related to trips.

wavestechx’s fleet management platform is significantly designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up and configure.

Surely, you can easily customize temperature alerts as per your use cases. Moreover, this customization capability ensures that the temperature alerts cater precisely to your requirements, providing a tailored and efficient monitoring solution.